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According to the EIA, U.S. residential energy costs will go up by 2% from the previous summer rates. The tempers seem to rise with the temperatures after seeing the first summer electric bill. You may feel powerless as you struggle to stay cool and go about your day. Besides yelling at the kids to stop…

drain cleaner

When things go wrong in your home, it can not only be extremely frustrating but also exceedingly costly. That is why so many homeowners have found alternative methods for repairs, for some projects, like unclogging a drain. If you are experiencing a serious clog in which the sink won’t drain at all, it’s probably time…

smart thermostat

Half of the cost of the average light bill goes to heating and cooling. The A/C unit often struggles to maintain a consistent inside temperature, part of this is due to the way the thermostat is controlled. If you are still using a standard non-programmable thermostat then you are constantly adjusting it. If you’re using…

Cleaning a clog out of your drain can put you back several hundred dollars. But by making a few simple changes to your home, you can avoid spending all that money on stubborn clogs. How? It’s all about prevention. Keep reading below to learn how you can prevent clogged drains in your home. Table of…

Summer can seem a distant memory when you’re freezing your toes off in winter. The average cost of heating in Ohio is over $100 a month. That can be a crippling cost for families on low income. In turn, that means toes turning blue in the winter months. That’s a level of discomfort that can…

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