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HVAC Technician repairing furnace

Is your furnace giving off a funky smell when you turned it on again? Chances are you’ve got a few bad things going on that need immediate attention. Funny smells are never a good thing, especially when they come from systems that use or create heat. Surveys show that a majority of American households use one of…

What to Do When the Shower Water Temperature Keeps Changing

It only takes a second. Your child is taking a bath, and the toilet gets flushed in the other room. Scalding hot water rushes into the tub and the tot is shrieking. Their skin turns from a fleshy pink to an angry red and you’re rushing to the emergency room. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare….

ac repair

Have you been experiencing problems with your AC lately? If so, then you’ve most likely been on the lookout for a new AC repair company to come out and take a look at it for you. And when those summer months start to creep up on you, you’re going to want to hire a company…

Many around the country are predicting a cold, cold winter ahead. As fall slowly descends into dreary winter, it’s time to start the necessary preparations for the cold and blustery season ahead. Especially if you live in some of the country’s northern regions, prime among these tasks can be checking the status of your furnace. Your…

There’s nothing quite so alarming as thinking your furnace isn’t working. Especially in the middle of a cold winter. But before you call out a repair person, you’ll want to be sure that it’s not just your furnace thermostat that’s the problem. If that’s the case, you could be looking at a much easier –…

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