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Are you interested in saving money on maintenance costs? American households are spending around $6,000 each year to keep their homes in working order. And if your toilet runs randomly, this minor nuisance could end up costing you a lot if you don’t address it.

Read on to learn about the seven reasons your toilet runs randomly – and when you need to call a plumber. By being proactive, you could stave off bigger and more expensive problems!

1. Fill Valve Is Leaking

One of the most common toilet problems that can cause continuous running is a leaky fill valve. The fill valve is the connection point that helps your toilet’s tank fill to the right level. Over time, it can wear down and start leaking water into the tank.

If you notice puddles on the floor by your toilet, your issue could be a faulty fill valve. To fix the issue, try adjusting the nut behind your toilet to tighten the valve. Sometimes, this will solve the problem, but it might not be enough.

Your fill valve could be clogged with human waste. In this scenario, the water won’t have anywhere to go, which can lead to leaks and an overflowing toilet.

You may need a new fill valve to fix your toilet plumbing problems. While you can attempt to do this repair, your best bet is to hire a qualified plumber to tackle the installation. They can ensure a secure attachment.

2. Toilet Handle Is Broken

A broken or stuck toilet handle can contribute to running water. After lots of use, a handle can get caught in a down position, meaning the flapper in your toilet’s tank never closes all the way. As a result, you’ll be stuck with running water.

Don’t assume that jiggling the handle will fix the problem. To make a proper fix, you’ll need to open the tank and assess the handle situation. You may notice corrosion, which means you’ll need to remove the bolt and replace the handle.

If replacing the old handle doesn’t solve the problem, you don’t want to neglect taking action. Running water can lead to bigger bills, so you’ll want to hire the right plumbing services to make a diagnosis.

3. Flapper Seal Is Not Working

The flapper seal is a plastic or rubber seal that you’ll find at the base of your toilet’s tank. You’ll see a chain attached to it that then extends to the toilet’s handle. Ideally, it should open when the handle is depressed.

But if that’s not happening, your toilet will continue to run, even when you haven’t flushed it in a while. Your flapper seal could be causing problems because it wasn’t installed well in the first place. This is a problem you can fix by adjusting the flap to create a seal.

4. Flapper Chain Is Too Short

The flapper chain connects the flapper seal with the toilet handle. It needs to be an appropriate length to allow the valve to open and close with a perfect seal. Ultimately, it helps manage your toilet tank’s water level.

If the flapper chain is too short, however, it may not create the perfect seal. Because of this, your toilet will keep running in an effort to fill the tank. You’ll need to adjust the length so that the valve can seal.

5. The Float Position Is Bad

When you open your toilet tank, you’ll see a round float device in the water. Your toilet’s float helps control the water levels in your tank. But when it’s not sitting at the right level, you could end up with a constantly running toilet.

If the float is too high, you’ll see the unfortunate results in your water bill, too. You can help your budget by addressing this problem promptly. The solution might be as simple as adjusting the arm connected to the float until you hear the water stop running.

With a float that is too low, you’ll see diminished flushing power. This can present a different set of problems, so check the float to see if it has cracks that allow water to enter it. The float may be sitting too low because of this, so you’ll need to replace it.

6. Long Refill Tube

Another reason your toilet may run randomly is because the refill tube is problematic. It may be too long. And it might not be in the right position.

The refill tube plays a critical role in your toilet’s operation. If it’s not working as it should, your toilet bowl could have no water or so much that it starts to leak out of the bowl.

A long tube can cause a continuous cycle of water between the overflow valve and the tank. By shortening it, you’ll help prevent more severe problems, like an overflowing toilet.

7. Damaged Overflow Pipe

You could be dealing with a cracked overflow pipe when your toilet won’t stop running. When this component of your toilet’s operating system has a crack, water will leak into your bowl.

The overflow pipe sits within your toilet’s tank. You’ll notice it as a vertical tube in the center of the tank. And as its name suggests, it keeps water from overflowing.

The overflow pipe may send extra water back to the toilet bowl if the level is high in the tank. But if it has a crack, that means it won’t be able to control the water levels. Your best bet is to repair a crack with silicone or replace the pipe altogether.

Be sure to use compatible parts when doing any sort of toilet repair. If you’re at all unsure what parts work with your particular toilet model, it’s best to hire a plumber to do the repair.

What To Do When Your Toilet Runs Randomly

When your toilet runs randomly, you’ll want to troubleshoot the issue before hiring a plumber. You could have a faulty flapper, handle, or valve. Or you could need to make adjustments to your flapper chain or float.

When in doubt, turn to the professions for your plumbing problems in northeast Ohio. Contact My Guys for plumbing and HVAC help!

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