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Temperatures worldwide are going up, and that means that summers are getting toasty, even in Bedford, Ohio. As the seasons start to change, you might be considering getting your HVAC system checked out to make sure it’s ready for summer.

You need to find a great Bedford HVAC repair and maintenance company, but there are so many to choose from! How can you narrow down your options?

Let’s talk about it. Read on to learn all about how you can find the best HVAC service in Bedford for your needs.

1. Ask Around

One of the best ways to find reliable HVAC services is to ask the people in your local network. This is especially helpful if you’re a new homeowner who has friends or family members who have owned their homes in the area long-term.

If you’re new to the area and looking for an HVAC service because you just moved to Bedford, you may not have a large enough network yet (in which case, you’ll want to move onto tip number 2!).

Ask about people’s experiences with HVAC contractors and technicians in the area. Do they have a go-to HVAC company, or do they only hire help when they have a problem? What’s the average cost of the services they receive, and are they happy with that cost?

The people you know personally will be excellent resources to you, and they’re often more reliable than online reviews because they have your best interests at heart.

However, remember that everyone has different priorities. Get a few different opinions rather than committing to a company because one person recommended them.

2. Browse the Web

The internet makes finding great Bedford HVAC repair and maintenance services a breeze. It’s never been easier to find a list of HVAC companies for you to choose from. You can even browse to see which one is the closest to you (though the closest isn’t always going to be the best).

You don’t have to scour every business’s website right away, but the internet will let you know your options. Narrow them down by star rating at first so you have fewer to choose between.

We’ll talk more about evaluating star ratings and reviews later on, but the higher the star rating, the better the chance that the business is reliable (though, of course, there are exceptions).

3. Check for Offered Services

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential service providers, check and see if they actually offer the services you need.

In most cases, HVAC companies offer comprehensive services, so anything you need for your HVAC system will be available. In some cases, however, an HVAC company may not have the resources to deal with unique problems, or they may focus more on HVAC installation and repairs than general maintenance.

Again, in most cases, this won’t be an issue. It’s always best to check for services online first, however, so you don’t waste your time with an HVAC company that can’t help you.

4. Read Reviews and Testimonials

It’s always helpful to read reviews (and, if available, testimonials) before committing to an HVAC company. Luckily, the internet makes that easy.

When you look for a business online, you’ll be able to see ratings on Google on their business page. The star rating is the first thing you should look for. Businesses with lower star ratings have more unhappy customers, while businesses with higher star ratings have more satisfied customers.

Read individual reviews to see if they pertain to your situation or if they seem legitimate. You want to know that the HVAC company you choose is reliable, timely, and reasonably priced with good customer service. If these things are all true and reflected in the reviews, that’s a good sign!

5. Check Credentials, Licenses, and Insurance

All good HVAC companies should be licensed and insured. This protects the business, the employees that come to work on your HVAC system, and you. It’s always appropriate to ask an HVAC service provider if they’re up to date on their licensing and insurance.

You should also look into their credentials. How long have they been in business? What experience do they bring to the table?

6. Ask About Prices

Last, but not least, you should ask about prices.

It’s easy to think that the most expensive HVAC company will be the most reliable and the cheapest one will be the least reliable, but this isn’t generally the case. In many cases, great HVAC companies will offer coupons and discounts because they prioritize customer service and understand that return customers are crucial. Their rates reflect that.

That said, don’t price shop. Ask about rates and see if they can give you a quote or estimate. It’s also helpful to know what happens if the quote or estimate is inaccurate (as is sometimes the case, through no fault of the HVAC technicians).

It’s always appropriate to ask for quotes for services before committing. Good HVAC technicians understand that affordability is important, and they want to make sure you can cover the costs of services before they get started.

Do You Need an HVAC Service in Bedford, Ohio?

If you’re in need of HVAC installation or HVAC repair in Bedford, Ohio, keep these tips in mind! Ask people in your network, use the web, read reviews, always check for offered services, check licenses and insurance, and don’t be afraid to ask about prices.

Finding the right HVAC company for your needs is essential as a homeowner. You want a company that you can trust so you can use them for years to come!

At My Guys, we offer top-quality HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services and we take pride in our work. We’d love to have you as a customer. Contact us with your service needs today.

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