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smart thermostat

Half of the cost of the average light bill goes to heating and cooling. The A/C unit often struggles to maintain a consistent inside temperature, part of this is due to the way the thermostat is controlled.

If you are still using a standard non-programmable thermostat then you are constantly adjusting it. If you’re using a newer programmable thermostat and you still need adjustments, that is when it’s time for a smart thermostat.

What is a smart thermostat? It is one that can make smart adjustments to temperature based on logic. If you are not sold on the idea yet, keep reading.

This guide will explain the benefits of a smart thermostat and why they are worth it.

Smart Savings
The EPA recommends adjusting your average temperature by 7-10 degrees to save 10% on your bill. For many, this constant readjustment isn’t feasible. Having to get up and nudge it up or down all the time is not fun.

With a smart thermostat, the saving is built-in. Unlike a normal programmable thermostat, you can schedule specific A/C timeframes. If you come home hot and sweaty from being outside, your thermostat can adjust on its own based on ambient temperature.

Then that 10% savings is very easy to obtain, and exceeded, with professional service programming. The higher upfront cost of a smarter thermostat is quickly recouped within your first year of use. Installing one of these thermostats is smart, even for the apartment hopper.

Get Smart on Energy Waste
Not to preach about saving the Earth here, but air conditioners are a net-negative for the environment. They solve one problem (combat heat inside) and create another (release heat/pollutants outside. The more we need A/C, the more we heat the atmosphere.

If everyone could reduce their A/C consumption by 10% with a smart thermostat, it would be a huge shift. Remember, we are talking about reducing the demand for electricity, too. A lot of electricity still comes from burning coal, which we need to stop relying on.

A Thermostat That “Knows” You
Each generation of smart thermostats learns to anticipate A/C needs a little better. Current generations of Nest thermostats, for example, are able to learn routines and habits. They start to understand peak hours of activity so that your A/C is either off or running less.

Smart thermostats can download weather reports, too. This feature alone sets them apart from standard programmable counterparts. You can come home to a pre-heated/cooled home after a long day. This saves you from playing ping-pong with the thermostat as you get comfortable.

The Nest can even track your commute for incredibly precise adjustments. Yes, a stalker thermostat is probably the best type of creepy tech ever.

There’s an App for That
Another great feature of smarter thermostats is the ability to monitor and control from afar. Like your modern EV apps, the thermostat app can give you an energy report and current status. You can adjust schedules and current temperatures without having to walk down the hallway.

Your thermostat app is great for unexpected changes in your schedule.

It’s a Smarter Home
You do not need to live in an expensive home to have a modern smart home. If you have an Echo or equivalent electronic assistant, you could pair them up. This allows you to implement voice commands into the mix.

Throw in home security motion sensors, like the Hive Motion Sensor, and your thermostat can track room activity. You can also find humidity sensors to measure water vapor, increasing temperature accuracy. These sensors can be used to create specific instructions for smart thermostats.

For example, if your motion sensors detect inactivity for an hour, the thermostat can slowly raise the ambient temperature. If it detects activity after a long period of time, it can turn back on. Instructions can be useful for hosting guests and taking a more hands-off approach.

It Knows the Forecast
As we mentioned previously, smart thermostats will sense the temperature and climate autonomously. They can download weather reports and adjust temperatures in response to a harsh cold snap. They are smart enough to make these adjustments without needing you to play around with the programming constantly.

If you have ever woken up to a back full of sweat or frozen feet in the middle of the night, a smart thermostat is your new best friend. The weather is becoming more unpredictable as the climate changes, you are going to need a smarter thermostat. It is also nice to have a thermostat that can adjust temperatures based on individual rooms.

There is always that one room in the home that sits in the shade and is 5-10 degrees cooler than the rest.

Smart Thermostat Prep
In order to upgrade your home to a smart one with a new thermostat, there are some prerequisites. Your HVAC and electrical wiring need to be compatible. There are compatibility checkers for major thermostat brands out there.

If you are unable to get a straight answer, you can also get a professional HVAC tech to take a look. This is ideal, as they can help you with the installation as well.

When you have it set up, the last step is to connect your thermostat to your wifi connection. Then, you will be able to monitor your thermostat activity on your tablet, phone, or computer.

Start Saving Money Now
Are you ready to live in a smarter home? Look past the sticker price for a smart thermostat and add up the potential savings. Do not forget the invaluable boost in your quality of life and convenience.

Being able to “set it and forget it” on your thermostat will change how you live. If you are ready to upgrade your thermostat, let a professional make the process quicker and easier. Contact us today for a complete consultation and installation.

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