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gas furnace

With regular maintenance, your gas furnace can last for up to 20 years. In this context, maintenance involves cleaning the blower, replacing damaged elements, and removing debris. These steps help keep the furnace working efficiently and help avoid future operating problems.

The fall season is finally here, meaning it’s time to get your gas furnace a tune-up. If it’s your first time seeking the service, you may not realize the benefits of the professional service.

While regular furnace checkups are highly recommended, many people take them for granted.

As a result, they spend more on gas furnace repair services. With that said, here are seven reasons to schedule the tune-up service regularly.

Keep Your House Warm Before the Winter

A regular furnace checkup before the onset of winter is key to keeping your house warm. Through this professional service, you get to know whether the furnace can run optimally throughout the cold season. It’s a great way to prevent sudden freezing in your home when the heating system breaks down.

If your home is warm during winter, it’s easier to avoid respiratory conditions brought by cold weather. You will also have a safe space to shelter yourself and your household members when the temperatures outside are low.

A drop in temperature puts you at risk of getting infections or viruses. Cold homes are also a trigger for mold infestation and diseases such as common colds, pneumonia, and blood pressure increases.

Prevent Furnace Breakdowns

Furnace breakdowns during the cold weather are usually a source of anxiety and frustration. They also attract unexpected expenses, resulting in financial constraints.

Getting the system back to its working order may take some time. And during the gas furnace repair, you may be forced to seek other means to keep your home warm. These methods, such as staying active, taking hot foods and drinks, and layering up with clothes, may not be as effective as the heating system.

But with routine gas furnace maintenance, you can ensure that the system is in the best shape. During the tune-up, the professional will check if the furnace can run throughout the cold season. The service will reduce the need for repairs such as water leaks, frequent shutoffs, and leaks of toxic gases.

Lower Your Energy Bill

A well-maintained furnace running on natural gas can lower your energy bill. This can be achieved in a home with an HVAC system running mostly on electricity. The furnace can also achieve efficiency of up to 98.5% when it’s in good shape.

As electricity proves to be more expensive, you have to opt for other sources of energy to keep your home warm. A furnace powered by natural gas can help you achieve this goal. In the long run, your monthly energy expenses are reduced, and your home becomes habitable.

Detect Toxic Gas Leaks

It’s no secret that furnaces generate by burning fuel. However, they can cause a health hazard when they leak or burn toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.

A professional furnace tune-up can keep your household safe from toxic gases. It’s a sure way to ensure that the combustion process in the furnace is highly efficient. You definitely wouldn’t want the heating system to leak toxic gases due to an identified problem.

Carbon monoxide leaks are the hardest to detect since they are odorless and colorless. When inhaled, the gas can cause headaches, nausea, and in extreme situations, death.

Gas leaks in your home may trigger fires, which may lead to the destruction of property. The professional tune-up will ensure that all elements of the heating system are working properly to avoid such a situation.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality

When a furnace isn’t working as it should, it can affect the quality of air in your home. As a result, your household members may be exposed to toxic gases, which may pose great health risks.

The air filter in your home’s heating system is crucial for air quality. In this case, it’s important to hire a professional to clean the filter. Without the clean-up, debris and dirt will make it to the burner, and toxic gases will be produced.

Indoor air quality is related to well-being and health. If you spend a lot of time indoors, you need to breathe in air that’s completely free of pollutants to improve your quality of life. You will also be at a reduced risk of chronic and respiratory illnesses.

Improve the Lifespan of the Furnace

If you spend more time and money on maintaining your gas furnace, it’s possible to get the most out of it. You also won’t have to repair or replace it regularly. The heating system will operate more efficiently, reducing your utility bills.

Furnaces that are cleaner and better maintained tend to have a longer lifespan. And an extended lifespan can save you money in unnecessary repairs or replacement costs. At the end of it all, you get great value for money spent on the furnace.

Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most furnaces boast a limited parts warranty as well as a manufacturer warranty with varied lengths and coverages. For instance, some may have a warranty lasting between 10 and 20 years, while others may have warranty covers on the heat exchanger.

Usually, the furnace will come with a document informing you about the warranty terms and conditions. If it doesn’t have any, be sure to call the seller to verify the coverage. You can also check if the system is still under warranty by looking at its manufacturing date.

Getting your gas furnace checked and cleaned up can help you maintain the warranty. This is because most manufacturers offer warranties for as long as the furnace is in good condition. So, if the time comes to cash in on the warranty, the manufacturer will ask for the tune-up records as proof that you took care of the appliance.

Schedule a Professional Gas Furnace Tune-Up Today

Keeping your gas furnace in perfect shape can help extend its lifespan. You will also get high efficiency from the appliance with every professional tune-up. But without maintenance, the furnace may break down and leave you freezing.

Count on MY GUYS for air conditioner and gas furnace repair in Beachwood. With this kind of help, your HVAC system will operate at its peak levels all year. Schedule a professional gas furnace tune-up today.

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