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Winter is coming. But there might be one item you have left off the holiday checklist: your air conditioning. When was the last time you had air conditioner maintenance?

Three-quarters of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. And for a good reason. An HVAC system offers many benefits, especially when temperatures begin to soar in summer.

But as quickly as people turn on the air conditioning in summer, they can forget about it during winter. However, hiring air conditioner services before winter helps guarantee your air conditioner will spring to life when you need it most.

Read on to learn the seven benefits of air conditioner maintenance before winter arrives.

1. Less Risk of Winter Issues

There is nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner and realizing it is not working when you need it most. If there are undetected problems before winter, your air conditioning could begin to deteriorate during the months it is not in use.

It is also more at risk of winter issues, such as low temperatures impacting the unit. Common winter problems include frozen pipes, dirty filters in HVAC systems, and broken electrics, such as the thermostat. After all, your central air conditioner unit is usually located outside, where winter conditions such as snow and cold can impact it.

2. Prevent Breakdowns

If you wait until winter to address an air conditioning issue, you could experience trouble. Testing an air conditioning unit in the winter can cause further damage to the equipment. This is why it is so important to have air conditioner maintenance before temperatures drop.

Air conditioner services will also help you prepare your unit for winter. They will do an air conditioning tune-up and can advise how you can protect your unit during winter. For example, you might need it cleaned, add extra insulation, and switch the power off.

3. Lower Your Utility Bills

Air conditioner maintenance will help prepare it for winter. You can make sure it is on the right thermostat settings for an HVAC system or off entirely.

Even if your air conditioning unit is switched off during winter, you could experience expensive utility bills if an undiagnosed problem worsened over winter.

Energy bills can increase if your air conditioning unit is not as efficient as it can be. Lack of maintenance is one of the common reasons air conditioning units lose their efficiency and increase energy bills. Do not risk paying more than you should for your energy bills by scheduling maintenance before winter.

4. Longer Lifespan With Fewer Costs

An air conditioner should last for ten or more years. However, if you do not maintain your air conditioner, its lifespan will reduce significantly. Winter is a time when your air conditioning is at risk of deterioration, so prepare it in advance, so it does not get damaged.

If you want your air conditioning to last, consider calling air conditioner services before winter. It is the perfect time to address any issues, so your air conditioner is ready to go in the summer. They can ensure your unit is prepped for winter and ready to go once temperatures increase.

You are also cost-saving long term. The sooner you address issues, the quicker you can resolve them, and with less damage to your wallet.

Winter temperatures can mean your air conditioning unit is off for a long time, which allows for problems to worsen significantly and become more costly. Air conditioner maintenance before winter reduces the chance of costly repairs and the need for costly air conditioner replacement.

5. Better Efficiency

Regular air conditioning tune-ups are essential to maintain air conditioner efficiency. And the efficiency does not long mean lower energy bills. It also means you are more comfortable in your own home.

An HVAC system’s efficiency can quickly deteriorate if it does not receive the tune-ups it needs. Air conditioner services will ensure your unit is in the best possible condition. This way, your unit will ensure cool or warm air gets to the right areas of your home.

Without maintenance, your air conditioner will waste energy and not keep you comfortable. Wasted energy also contributes to unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, which the world needs to reduce significantly. An air conditioner repairman will ensure your system is as efficient as it can be before winter sets in.

6. Improve Indoor Air Quality

An HVAC system impacts the air quality in your home. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on how well your system is maintained. Air continues to flow through your system throughout the year, so make sure it is quality airflow!

It is estimated that the average American spends 93% of their time indoors, especially during winter. A dirty HVAC system could be contributing to poor indoor air quality, which can cause allergies and other health problems. Symptoms include headaches, sneezing, and breathing difficulties.

A well-maintained system will ensure air is dust-free and fresh in your home.

7. Protect Your Household

It is not just the air quality that an air conditioning unit can impact. If you have a serious problem with your unit, your household could also experience other health risks.

A common risk of air conditioning units is leaking. Water leaks are not a health concern, but can cause damage to your home. However, there is also the risk of a coolant leak from your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not working properly, it could leak, and substances such as Freon are lethal.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now you know why it is essential to schedule air conditioner maintenance. It is important to have an air conditioner tune-up regularly. However, before winter, it is essential.

It is important to pick reputable air conditioner services to carry out air conditioner maintenance. Otherwise, you could end up with more problems than when you started!

Are you ready to schedule your winter air conditioner maintenance? My Guys are the experts in air conditioning, heating, and plumbing in the Greater Cleveland and Northern Summit County areas. Contact us today to get started.

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