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Piggy Bank On Radiator

Summer can seem a distant memory when you’re freezing your toes off in winter.

The average cost of heating in Ohio is over $100 a month. That can be a crippling cost for families on low income. In turn, that means toes turning blue in the winter months. That’s a level of discomfort that can last a whole season and make lives miserable.

Below, we’re looking at ways to save home heating money without suffering the pickle of permanent popsicle toes.

Dress for the Temperature You Want

Before we get into the best winter energy saving tips, let’s start with the obvious: wear some clothes.

If you’re planning to parade around your home in just a t-shirt (shorts optional) over winter, then you could be at the root of the problems with your energy bill. It’s time to face facts and accept that winter temperatures may mean layering up your clothes.

While there can be some discomfort in piling on the layers, it’s still a better alternative to freezing your extremities off.

There’s some psychology involved here, too. When certain parts of your body drop in temperature, it can make the rest of you feel colder. Common denominators are the hands, feet, and forearms. Make sure you cover up those vulnerable places so they don’t trick your body into thinking things are colder than they are.

Get on Your Level

Your heating doesn’t exist in only an on or off state. Finding the right temperature can save you megabucks without leaving you to freeze.

It can take some trial and error to find the temperature setting that will keep your home liveable. But if you find it, you can treat yourself to some heat. It may not turn your home into a sauna, but it will allow you to use your heating to at least increase your comfort — and maybe even for more days of the year.

Changing your thermostat level might seem like a subtle change, but the effect it can have on your savings over time is huge.

Curtain Call

If it’s good enough to heat the planet, it’s good enough for your home. We’re talking about the sun, of course.

Even a winter sun can dull the edge of a chilly day. Open your drapes when the sun pokes its head out and let it do what it does best. Thanks to the glass of your windows, a cold but sunny day outside can translate to a warm one inside.

This is a natural means of heating, so you’ll never pay a cent for it. It’s not reliable, but it can do a lot to offset the winter chill when there’s a run of sunny days.

At night, you’ll want to close those curtains again. Closed curtains will help to keep the heat in, so what you capture during the day will stay there as long as possible into the night.

Going Solar

Not sure the sun is working hard enough? Consider installing solar panels.

Solar energy isn’t cheap out of the gate, but if you can save up some cash (or get the price subsidized), then panels can pay for themselves over time. If you can save up in the summer months, then you can invest in solar panels to keep you warm in the winter.

With solar panels, even a winter’s day can provide the heat to keep your house warm. And best of all, that energy is now free, coming directly from your panels to your home.

Overhaul Your Insulation

If your insulation isn’t up to snuff, then you’re paying to heat the outside world.

Scope out the common insulation weak points in a home. Your attic space is a common culprit, as hot air rises. If your attic insulation isn’t doing the job, then you’re letting heat simply escape through your roof.

You should also check the condition of your windows and doors. Double-glazed windows with intact seals are the best option, and your doors should also have seals and snugly fit the doorframe.

You may also need to look a little deeper, to ensure your cavity walls have suitable insulation, for example. The more ways you can prevent heat leaking from your home, the more you’ll get to enjoy it instead.

Reflect on Your Radiators

Are you warming your bookshelf more than your house? In the effort to arrange your furniture, you may have obscured your heat source. When that happens, you waste a lot of energy when the heat is absorbed by the object.

Make sure to keep the space clear in front of your radiators so they can heat your home the right way.

If your radiators still aren’t pulling their weight, you could try going a step further. Reflective panels behind or above your radiators can redirect heat into the room, to prevent it from disappearing into the walls. That way, you can feel the heat without cranking up the thermostat.

Heat What You’ll Use

It can be nice to move from room to room and keep your toes warm the whole way, but do you need to live your life like that?

It’s more efficient to only heat the room you’re going to use. Otherwise, your heating is working harder for benefits you won’t even see. That’s burning your money in an almost literal sense when you could save on energy instead.

Another alternative is to tweak your heat on a room-by-room basis. You may not want a cold toilet seat in winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to go full blast in the bathroom. Set your radiators at the temperature you need to take the edge off the chill.

Save Home Heating Money the Smart Way

When you save home heating money, you’re not just saving yourself the pain of burning dollars to stay warm. You’re also increasing the number of days you can get away with turning your heat on. That can bring you through the winter months in comfort.

Need to ensure your heating does its job for the winter? You can contact us today to get it sorted.

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