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heating bills

A recent study found that 31% of American households struggle to pay their energy bills. In fact, necessities such as food and visits to the doctor took a hit in order for these households to avoid trouble with their energy companies.

Heating bills, in particular, can take a large toll on your wallet. Most of us use significantly more energy during January and February than we do throughout the rest of the year.

No matter what your financial state is, saving money on heating bills is a great way to build up your savings account and have more to spend on both the necessary and the fun.

Read on for 12 methods that are guaranteed to lower your heating bill this winter.

1. Get Your Heating System Checked Out

This one will require an upfront cost that could save you tons of money for the rest of the winter. 

Hire a professional to make sure your furnace, boiler, and heat pump system are in good working condition. If they aren’t, you may be paying for heat that simply isn’t circulating through the house properly.

2. Seal the Flue

If you aren’t using the fireplace, remember to close the flue. When it’s open for no reason, you might as well have a window cracked! Cold air will enter and hot air will exit out of an open chimney flue.

3. Turn Ceiling Fans on Low

Turn on the fans? In winter? Are we crazy?


Heat rises and gets trapped up near the ceiling, where it isn’t doing you any good. Turning your ceiling fan on low won’t create enough disturbance to cool you down but it will help the rising hot air redistribute to lower parts of the house.

4. Insulate Your Windows

Most homes lose a ton of heat (and let in a ton of cold) due to poorly insulated windows. Replacing your windows can be costly, but insulating them with plastic wrap isn’t! 

Plastic insulation wrap can be found in most home goods stores. All you need is the wrap, some painter’s tape, hairdryer, and a free afternoon to install it.

5. Heat Only Rooms in Use

Closing certain heating ducts will allow those that are open to receive a higher airflow. There’s no need to heat unused rooms, so start shutting ducts and doors! It takes almost no time to do, which means you can alternate which rooms receive heat as needed throughout the day.

6. Insulate Your Doors

Just like the windows, your front and back doors may be letting out a lot of hot air. Sliding glass doors are tricky to insulate but standard doors don’t take much. Buy foam door insulation strips and attach them to the top and bottom of your drafty doors.

7. Schedule Your Heat Use

There’s a good chance that you’re wasting money keeping your heat cranked at night. When you sleep, you’re literally surrounded by blankets that are keeping you warm and trapping your natural body heat. Take advantage of this and turn your heat down when you hit the hay.

8. Invest in a Space Heater

A good space heater can add a good deal of warmth to a room without using a ton of energy. Plus, most of them are portable, which means you can move them throughout your home as needed.

A word to the wise: don’t leave your space heater on at night or unattended. Most are designed to shut off if they overheat but that’s not a risk worth taking. Use them only when you are awake and in the room and turn them off for a few minutes every hour or so.

9. Keep Yourself Warm with Clothing

This one is pretty straightforward. Turn down the thermostat a few degrees and throw on an extra sweater!

If you’re feeling really chilly, add a beanie and some thick, warm socks. We tend to feel a lot better when our head and feet are warm.

10. Let the Light In and Shut the Dark Out

If the sun is shining down on your windows, throw open those curtains! Solar radiation will bring some heat indoors, and if you happen to have any plaster, cement, or brick internal walls, you’re in luck. These materials absorb heat from the sun and release heat as the surrounding air cools.

Once the sun goes down, go ahead and close your curtains. They’ll add an extra layer of insulation and help trap some of those drafts before they chill you to the bone! 

11. Change Your Filters

Your HVAC filters get pretty gunked up when they’re in use.

HVAC filters are designed to trap irritants like dust from getting into (and out of) your vents. When those filters are clogged with dust, your heating system is working overtime just to push the air out and into your home–and a lot of it isn’t making it.

12. Free Up Your Air Vents

It may disrupt the layout of your living room or bedroom, but do your best to move any furniture or rugs that are blocking air vents on the floor or lower portions of the walls. It’s not doing you any good to heat the back of your couch or the bottom of your rug!

Lower Your Heating Bills Today

Above all else, a healthy, happy heating system is crucial to lowering your heating bills. Why waste money on energy that is wasted on a faulty heating system?

If you’re looking for heating professionals in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, we’re your guys. That includes Lyndhurst-Beachwood,, Hudson, and Solon. Contact us today to ask about services, prices, and available appointment times. 

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